Azcom Technology provides all the necessary expertise for Analog front-end design and development. Azcom develops high end solutions in order to minimize noise, interference and spurious power spikes on the receiver side, to maximize sensitivity and dynamic range.

Analog Front End (AFE)

Competence and Experience Summary

  • Dual Conversion Transceiver board for 3G and 4G Base Stations
    • Zero IF board design with integrated chip (RFIC)
    • Discrete component board design for multi-stage IF conversion
    • A/D and D/A high speed design board
  • Analog Front End design for both FDD and TDD
    • High performance analog front end design
    • Specific design for FDD and/or TDD duplex mode scheme
    • Antenna interface system
  • Design of High Efficiency Power Amplifier for WiMAX and LTE Base Stations
    • Wide-band power amplifier design for Small Cell
    • Highly efficient HBT, LDMOS and GAN power amplifier design
    • High power amplifier design and linearization

  • DPD implementation for LTE FDD/TDD RRH
    • Latest generation least square pre-distortion algorithm
    • Power Amplifier modeling based on:
      • Volterra expansion
      • Last generation eigen-function method
    • Full real time DPD characterization (statistics) and pre-distortion processing developed and mapped on Xilinx FPGA
    • PA model parameter calculation performed by external TMS320C6413
    • Large digital Nyquist domain to linearize up to 9th harmonic contribution for 20 MHz LTE signal
    • Five stage pre-distortion inversion algorithm

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