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mmWave Sensors

mmWave technology is an emerging and extremely valuable sensing technology that operates in the spectrum between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. mmWave sensors can detect objects along with their range, velocity and angle of arrival on azimuth and elevation planes.

These sensors leverage the principle of radar and due to the millimeter wavelength have the advantage of higher detection resolution and smaller footprint, especially on the antenna side.

Additional advantages of this frequency range are the ability to penetrate materials like plastic and glass, immunity to bad or dark weather conditions and capacity to achieve extreme angular accuracy via beamforming techniques.

mmWave technology is a key factor in providing accurate and fundamental sensory information to enable a smarter world in various application domains, the two major ones being automotive and industrial.

In this area, Azcom Technology collaborates closely with Texas Instruments, Inc., who has recently launched two families of mmWave sensors in the 76-81 GHz frequency range: AWR for automotive and IWR for industrial. For more information, visit www.ti.com/mmwave.

Front Long Range Radar Adaptive cruise control
Short Range Radar Park assist
Collision detection and avoidance
Vehicle Occupancy Detection
Driver Vital Signs
Free Space Sensing (trunk, door)
Building automation Surveillance
Energy optimization
People presence in case of danger/emergency
Gesture Control Access control
Hands-free surgery
Robots – Machine Vision Objects detection and avoidance
Drone Navigation
Fluid Level Measuring

Due to its deep expertise on TI platforms, signal processing, radio frequency, embedded systems, and product development, Azcom Technology can offer a wide range of value-added R&D services to fast-track customers wanting to build solutions based on mmWave sensors.

Illustrations shown below provide an overview of Azcom’s portfolio of design and development proposition.

Service proposition
Solution and system engineering
Digital signal processing Algorithms design and simulation
Target implementation and optimization
Performance validation
Radio frequency system Digital and analog RF design and validation
Radar subsystem programming
Antenna design
Hardware prototyping Digital and analog RF design and validation
Module design and development (schematic, PCB, antenna)
Firmware, platform SW, I/O
End user application Mobile app
Overall product development
Azcom Proposition on mmWave Sensors
Azcom Product Development & Support Services

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