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Azcom Technology has a highly experienced hardware team providing services for hardware systems and board development, prototyping, complete testing and certification.

Competence and Experience Summary

  • Long-standing experience in Siemens and Nokia in BTS hardware design including Remote Radio Head
  • FPGA Design with expertise in DFE
  • Design with complex DSP and microprocessors, including TCI66xx (Appleton, Hawking,Turbo Nyquist), PowerPC, PowerQuicc and ARM systems
  • DSP algorithms and related fixed precision adaptation strategy on FPGA
  • Design to Manufacturing, Thermal Analysis and Packaging, Manufacturing Testing, System Field testing, Product Certification and Compliance’s

Managing the Complete Development Cycle

Azcom provides turnkey solutions for system design with the know-how and expertise to manage the entire product lifecycle.

Competence and Experience Summary


To ensure that the design meets the product functionality and specifications, Azcom carries out EVT (Engineering Verification Test) and DVT (Design Verification Test).

  • Dedicated HW and SW can be developed to perform EVT and DVT tests.
  • EVT and DVT reports are released at the end of the activity.

EVTs are executed on the prototypes to verify that the design meets the product functionality. Selected tests are defined in the CTP (Certification Test Plan).

  • Basic Functional tests and Power measurements
  • Four corner tests and thermal measurements
  • RF tests
  • Pre-conformance and pre-EMI/EMS tests

DVT is an intensive testing program which is performed to ensure that product performs as specified in the design specification.
Specific tests verify the product specifications, standard interface, mechanical issues, etc..

Specific tests verify the product specifications, standard interface, mechanical issues, etc..

  • Full system tests including usability
  • Performance tests (benchmark, stability, etc.)
  • Signal quality and mechanical tests
  • Environmental tests (Hi/Low temperature, shock and vibration, humidity, pressure, etc.)
  • MTBF prediction
  • Reliability tests
  • Conformance tests (3GPP, IP67,etc.)
  • EMI/EMC and certification tests (CE, FCC, UL, etc.)

DVT Diagrams


Experience in certification for EMC and safety standards compliance allows Azcom Technology to ensure the product is ready for production.

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