Azcom Technology provides cutting-edge expertise for development of embedded software, across different vendor platforms and operating systems. Our services cover all areas of embedded software application domains, including embedded applications, device drivers, firmware, kernel and real time applications.

Services and Expertise Summary

  • Embedded and real time application development, with or without underlying OS
  • Real time OS expertise (Linux, VxWorks, Integrity, OSE)
  • Middleware frameworks
  • Device drivers
  • Boot loader and boot procedures
  • Firmware, BSP, BIOS
  • POST and BIST development
  • OS porting and customization
  • Multi-core architectures
  • Porting of embedded applications.

Embedded Application
DSP Programming

  • High level (C/C++) and low level (Assembly) programming languages
  • Code optimization to exploit DSP specific architecture
  • DSP single-core and multi-core software design and development
  • Specific drivers for DSP interfaces and modules
  • Algorithm design and validation via MATLAB/Simulink
  • Extensive know-how on Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and Cavium DSP product lines

Multi-core Programming

  • Symmetric and asymmetric multi-core designs
  • Parallel processing frameworks
  • Parallel application testing and validation
  • Porting of applications from single-thread to multi-thread model

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