Embedded Software

Azcom has a highly proficient team and Design Center that is specializes in all aspects of development and delivery of embedded software products in the wireless and networking market segments.

Embedded system
Embedded Systems

Azcom embedded system services include software and firmware development, signal processing software, hardware development, FPGA programming, analog and digital RF engineering and application software development across a wide range of development platforms.
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Embedded Software

Azcom  provides cutting-edge expertise for development of embedded software, across different vendor platforms and operating systems. Our services cover all areas of embedded software application domains, including embedded applications, device drivers, firmware, kernel and real time applications.
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RTOS & Device Driver

Azcom offers boot loader, BSP, device drivers and diagnostic code development services on all the leading operating system platforms and processors. The firmware development team has vast experience in driver development for various I/O devices and peripherals such as storage, connectivity, buses, wireless, UI, audio, video and others.
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Linux Systems

Linux is the preferred choice for many embedded systems. Azcom Technology has a large team with many years experience in the Linux environment. We provide a wide range of software development services including, OS porting and customization, kernel space programming, device drivers and different types of Linux based application development including real time applications.
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