Azcom Technology offers specialized expertise in algorithm design – particularly in the wireless/wireline domain, starting from algorithm selection and simulation, right up to porting to silicon.

Key Competences

  • Algorithm design and implementation for wireless/wireline domains (CDMA and OFDM systems, power-line communication) and LTE MAC schedulers
  • Digital signal processing concepts, applicable across sectors e.g. medical, mission-critical, test & measurement
  • Consolidated workflow, starting from deep knowledge of related scientific literature, to algorithm shortlisting and critical evaluation of Performance versus Computational Complexity
  • Equalization, interference cancellation, symbol rate and air interface measurements, coding and decoding, FOE/FOC, MAC scheduling, MIMO receivers


Complex Link Level Simulators

  • Ownership of complex physical layer link-level simulators (3G, HSPA+, 4G)
  • End-to-end simulation capability including UE side, radio propagation, interference conditions
  • Collaboration with Politecnico di Milano and other universities for specific research topics (e.g. equalizers, frequency offset estimators for OFDM systems, MAC scheduling for LTE)

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