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Connected Vehicles

Wireless communication technologies nowadays are evolving at very high speed and opening new scenarios in terms of machine communication applications. Also the major communication standardization bodies such as 3GPP and ETSI are working towards addressing the vehicular communication requirements and are paving the way for a common foundation for vehicular and machine communication. In parallel, the upcoming 5G standard is embracing the vehicular communication as part of the wider IoT technology.

Azcom technology has been in the middle of this evolving space working on topics that demonstrate the evolution of the vehicular communication in LTE. There are a variety of applications that include vehicular telemetry, on-board info-tainment and car to car communication for safety and information purposes that will benefit from employing LTE technology. Azcom develops platforms and software products for LTE / 3G that can be used to develop, augment and enhance the current connected vehicle applications.

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