Azcom Technology is innovating to adapt its products and solutions in diverse emerging areas.

Defence Network

LTE and LTE-Advanced high speed wireless networks have been specifically targeted in 3GPP Releases (R12 and beyond) to enable high performance defense systems. Azcom is developing custom solutions for defense networks.
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Connected Vehicles

As the amount time spent by people in automobiles has soared exponentially, there is significant interest in providing services in cars, automobiles and other forms of transport.
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Public Safety

The 3GPP LTE standards have proposed a comprehensive set of features like proximity service and device-to-device communications to addeess the needs of public safety networks.
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Air to Ground

High speed broadband data services on airplanes is almost a reality. About 30 European countries are working with network operators to offer and upgrade services with 4G technology.
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Mass Transit

As the commute time have increased, mass transit systems have increasing requirments to provide high quality data access services to the customers while they telecommute in transit.
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Virtual to Cloud Networks

Cloud and virtual RANs are next generation architectures designed to offer better CapEx and OpEx savings to networks operators while addressing the increasing demands of high speed data and voice services.
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5G technology is the vision of future connecting the internet of things in a seamless manner while offering the required quality of experience to the end user.
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IoT and 5G go hand-in-hand with over 50 billion internet of things connected and communicating with reliability, performance and security.
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